Chapters in the Life of Rex Roman: The Story So Far... Part 2 of 3
History in the Life of Rex Roman PT2 of 3: 2009...

Jan 2009
Novel sales show the strongest surge since release. It seems as though Santa was very busy over Xmas dropping off lots of copies of Chapters in the Life of Rex Roman to lots of good little boys and girls.

With new 2009 copies filtering through, the novel can finally begin to go out to even more bookshops around the country.

Simon Ash appears on Chorley FM and BBC Radio Lancs.

Castings take place to find a new face for Mr Handsome and the lovely Lucy. Applications are 20 times what we were expecting and frankly overwhelming. Rehearsals begin for the full shows in Feb 2009.

More podcasts are released and Episode 5 featuring Nick Mason (the drummer of Pink Floyd) proves to be a classic enjoyed by lots of new fans.

Tongues are being inserted into cheeks the length and breadth of Britain as more and more people are enjoying the tales of Rex Roman.

This very HISTORY page is added to the website for those that are interested in charting the progress.

Feb 2009
Simon appears in several regional Lancashire newspapers talking about the Rex Roman live show.

Simon is on CHORLEY FM three times in total.

The official Guitar in the Life of Rex Roman - The Les Brush - finally goes into production and is on sale at all live shows.

The first Rex Roman shows with projections play live to a stunned audience. The shows live up to the hype and the show schedules a return to Chorley in Sept 2009.

Mar 2009
Podcast series resumes to popular approval. Discussions are well under way to take a 70min version of the show to Edinburgh festival in August.

New scenes are added to The Rex Roman Live Show. If you’ve read the novel you will understand where we have lifted the ideas from. However the show is designed to be enjoyed by anyone, any  age - regardless of whether they have read the book or not.

More live shows are added for Autumn 2009. Live show photos are uploaded to this site. We told you it was fun. See the proof.

Apr 2009
Simon appears on BBC Radio Cambridge on The Sue Marchant show. 

Rex Roman is confirmed for The Henley Festival from July 20-25. 
Rex Roman is confirmed for The Edinburgh Festival from August 7-23. 

The live show appears for 3 nights in Bungay, Suffolk and plays its first sold-out show on the Saturday night. Many people don’t know what to expect but once seen the live show is not forgotten. There’s nothing else like it and word is spreading.

May 2009
New scenes are added to the live show which now more or less complete the picture that was originally intended. With a credit-crunch sweeping the nation the show lacks  a big budget production but its content is so magical that not many people seem to care. 

Simon appears on Kick FM to promote June shows.

The classic podcast episode featuring Rodger Waters is uploaded to the website to much acclaim.

Contracts are finalised for the show to appear in Edinburgh and adverts approved. 

June 2009
Simon appears on Kick FM 

Rex Roman Pink Floyd Show plays Newbury Corn Exchange with stunning new projections being added to every show.

Edinburgh Festival & Henley Festival tickets go on sale and all promotional material is released.

July 2009
The Henley Fringe Festival 20-25th July and the first time a new format show is played live. The show has been shortened to fit into its allocated time slot at Edinburgh and this is the debut performance for a cast of understudies too on the Mon & Tue. 

August 2009
Edinburgh Festival throughout August. An exhausting run with daily performances to over 2500 people. 

September 2009
Rest & Relaxation for the band and cast. New cast members taken from the Henley run are brought up to speed ready for debut performances in the full 2 hour shows which now form the autumn tour.

The website is totally refreshed.

October 2009
The podcast series continues and the autumn tour commences.
A cast refresh sees some incredible actors bring new life to the script and the show is back up to full length.

November 2009
Simon appears on Newbury Sound Radio. The penultimate podcast episode is published and the autumn tour comes to a conclusion.

December 2009
Having spent a year in development a full script is agreed upon and bound into a book ready for 2010. The show has tested various formats throughout the whole of 2009 and continually sought to improve the script and music to provide a truly fantastic night’s entertainment.

The podcast series draws to a conclusion and the first instalment of the infamous Rex Roman Comic is published. Part 2 follows in Jan 2010.

That’s the end of HISTORY Part 2 - read on for the final chapter of our story so far...


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