Chapters in the Life of Rex Roman: The Story So Far... Part 3 of 3
History in the Life of Rex Roman PT3 of 3: 2010-12

Jan 2010
Freak snowfall makes a slow start to the year but a few cast changes add some fresh blood and fresh enthusiasm to the show.
Auditions and rehearsals take place in preparation for new live shows. The infamous Rex Roman Comic “The Show Must Go On” is published to the website.

Feb 2010
Simon Ash appears in several regional Lancashire newspapers talking about the Rex Roman live show.

Simon is on CHORLEY FM and THE BEE radio stations with other members of the cast to promote forthcoming live shows.

The first live show of 2010 kicks off in the 500 capacity Tivoli theatre in Wimborne, near Bournemouth. An incredible response from the audience ensures a fantastic night and a great start to three months of shows.

Recording of the Rex Roman soundtrack album begins and is mostly completed throughout February.

Discussions actually begin about the possibility of a Rex Roman movie. Crazy stuff. The story is slightly different with no Pink Floyd references whatsoever in the film to give it maximum appeal to a worldwide audience. Interesting and one to watch for sure.

Mar 2010 - May 2010
Live shows continues the length and breadth of Britain to much acclaim. Following a show in Horsham Capital Theatre in April a TV director buys a copy of the novel and begins to set wheels in motion for a Rex Roman TV series.

Jun - Jul 2010
A 25-minute TV pilot is worked on and then filmed. Turning out much better than expected the idea is deemed a really strong one and so CH Entertainment officially funds development of a TV series.

Aug 2010 - Jan 2011
A full series is scripted and developed using a fresh cast of actors and overseen by Simon Ash, author of the novel and director of the live show.

Feb 2011
This current theme of new Rex Roman website is published and many old pages, videos, podcasts are removed and archived.

Mar 2011
For reasons of commercial sensitivity, CH Entertainment has decided to cease this column but will leave it posted for historical purposes. Work continues on a daily basis on the Rex Roman TV series which will result in a incredibly funny show being made this year...

When Rex Roman is ready for broadcast, we’ll be back with details.

Jan 2012
We’ve posted a trailer and some photos of TV series in development.

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