Chapters in the Life of REX ROMAN

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Chapters in the Life of Rex Roman

A laugh out loud, feelgood page-turner that tells the story of Rex Roman as he sets out to fulfil his dreams of fame only to encounter loss, love, laughter and a large chicken.

Grab your flares, a party seven tin and a marathon bar as you take a hilarious ride through the 1970s and beyond. Discover a devious tomato ketchup conspiracy, the identity of a government assassin, and the best-kept secret in rock history in the book the showbiz stars tried to ban.

“The TRUTH Will Out”  

Nick Mason, Pink Floyd



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TITLE: Chapters in the Life of REX ROMAN

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Wish You Were Here: Chapters in the Life of Rex Roman)

AUTHOR: Simon Ash

ISBN: 978-1906221-881

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